Difference in size between leather shoes and sneakers

The sizes listed for sneakers by general sports manufacturers are often the total length of the shoe, not the total length of the foot.
The length often includes some room for the toes.

On the other hand, the size of leather shoes is indicated based on the overall length of the foot, and the toe space is often not included in the size.

1. Measure your foot length

Many people don't know how long their feet are, but you can measure them with a tape measure or ruler.
If you use this length as a guide for size, it is extremely unlikely that you will make a mistake.
If it's difficult to measure yourself, you can probably get a simple measurement done at a local shoe store.
Please take this opportunity to check it out.

How to measure

1) Measure your foot from the tip of your toes to your heel.
It is easier to measure if you place your heel against a wall.

②The longest part of your toe is the size.
The female staff member who was measured had a left foot of 23.2 cm and a right foot of 23.1 cm.

In the case of this female staff member, her actual size is 23.5cm.

*Actual measurements are rounded up to 0.5cm.
*If the left and right sides are different sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.
(Example: Actual measurement is 23.2cm → Actual size is rounded up to 23.5cm.)


2. Choose the size based on your preferred size based on the actual length.

All you have to do is choose the length based on that. Choose according to your preference without forcing yourself.
In terms of fit, based on your foot length, ±0cm is a "perfect fit" and +0.5cm is a "loose fit."




Male staff member A's actual measurement is 25.8cm, so his actual size is 26.0cm.
I chose a size 26.0cm for my leather shoes (foot length ±0cm).
I usually wear size 27.5cm for sports brand sneakers.

<Reference size>

Male staff A (foot measurement 25.8cm → actual size 26.0cm)

・REGAL Shoe & Co. Wearing size: 26.0cm
・Sports brand sneakers: US9.5(27.5cm)
*MEN'S REGAL Shoe&Co. sizes are often -1.5cm to -2.0cm off the sneaker size.



Female staff member A's actual measurement is 23.2cm, so her actual size is 23.5cm.
This time, I chose a size 23.5cm for the leather shoes (foot length ±0.0cm).
I usually wear size 25.0cm for sports brand sneakers.


Female staff A (foot measurement 23.2cm → actual size 23.5cm)

・REGAL Shoe&Co. Wearing size: 23.5cm
・Sports brand sneakers: US.5(25.0cm)
*REGAL Shoe&Co. women's sizes are often -1.5cm to -2.0cm larger than the sneaker size.


The size may vary depending on the shape of your feet (wide or narrow, etc.) and the thickness of your socks, so please use this as a guide only.


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