"Plan-Toe Blucher GTX" equipped with GORE-TEX product technology will be available from June 8, 2024

REGAL Shoe & Co. will release the long-awaited GORE-TEX-equipped "Plain-Toe Blucher GTX" from 11:00 on Saturday, June 8, 2024. The "Plain-Toe Blucher GTX" is manufactured using the Goodyear welt method at a factory in Niigata, incorporating the two concepts of "functionality" and "fashionability."

GORE-TEX technology is highly waterproof and also has excellent breathability. It quickly releases sweat vapor to the outside, keeping you dry and comfortable.

The upper is made of two surfaces: black smooth leather and suede leather, both tanned by Sanyo Leather. Each has a different design of the Vibram sole.

The unique "Plain-Toe Blucher GTX" combines classic style with technology for a stylish and casual look. It has the ability to adapt to a variety of conditions , from rain-soaked concrete to gravel and mud .

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