1LDK Collaboration U-Tip GTX


[1LDK Collaboration U-Tip GORE-TEX]

NON-DAILY LIFE IN DAILY LIFE 1LDK is a select shop that proposes a new standard based on the concept of “the extraordinary in the ordinary.”
The limited collaboration model is the U-Tip, which is basic but never becomes "ordinary" and incorporates the worldview of "1LDK". A pair of shoes with an exquisitely thick sole that covers both casual and formal styles.

・Equipped with Gore-Tex product technology and has excellent breathability and waterproofness ・The filling between the insole and midsole uses material from American insole manufacturer Ortholite, achieving high cushioning ・Outsole The sole is made from Vibram, which is lightweight and has excellent cushioning and flexibility.The sole is made using the Goodyear welt method, and the sole can be repaired.

Upper: Cowhide Sole: Vibram sole Manufacturing method: Goodyear welt method Country of origin: Japan

*We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience.
*Limited to one pair per person.

Guide to choosing size

Based on the actual size of your foot (heel to toe length),

±0cm Perfect size feeling
+0.5cm A feeling of loose size

Please choose the size according to your preference based on the above information.

*The size may vary depending on the shape of your feet (wide or narrow, etc.) and the thickness of the socks, so please use this as a guide only.

*Size is different from sneaker size. The recommended size is often approximately -1.5cm, which is the sneaker size.
(Example: Wearing sports brand sneakers 27.5cm → 26.0 / 8)

1LDK Collaboration U-Tip GTX



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