Converse Collaboration_ALL STAR COUPE


These one-of-a-kind leather shoes are carefully crafted using the historic REGAL Shoe & Co. production background based on Converse's All Star Cup.

・The upper material is made of high-quality oil nubuck leather from Italian tanners.
- Robust and reliable quality made with the traditional Norwegian welt manufacturing method used in mountain climbing shoes and military shoes - Adopts Vibram soles, all soles can be repaired.

Upper: Cowhide Sole: Vibram sole Manufacturing method: Norwegian welt method Country of origin: Japan

Guide to choosing size

Based on the actual size of your foot (heel to toe length),

±0cm Perfect size feeling
+0.5cm A feeling of loose size

Please choose the size according to your preference based on the above information.

*The size may vary depending on the shape of your feet (wide or narrow, etc.) and the thickness of the socks, so please use this as a guide only.

*Size is different from sports sneakers. Please take this opportunity to measure your foot length and, if possible, consider trying out leather shoes before purchasing.

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Converse Collaboration_ALL STAR COUPE



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