Loafers GTX_Black


[Loafers GORE-TEX]

・Based on REGAL Shoe&Co.'s signature model saddle shoe last

・GORE-TEX fabric, which is both breathable and waterproof, is installed inside the shoe.

Uses high-quality and soft kip leather from Sanyo Leather for the upper.

・The outsole is Vibram's New Flex sole with excellent cushioning and lightness.

・Ortholite material is used for the filling between the insole and midsole to achieve high cushioning properties.

Upper: Cowhide (Sanyo Leather)
Sole: Compound rubber sole (Vibram)
Manufacturing method: Goodyear welt method Country of origin: Japan


*Size is different from sneakers. The recommended size is often approximately -1.5cm~-2.0cm, which is the sneaker size.

Staff A: Wearing sneakers US9.5 → Wearing REGAL Shoe&Co. 26.0cm
Staff B: Wearing sneakers US6.5 → Wearing REGAL Shoe&Co. 23.0cm



Sneaker Size REGAL Shoe & Co. Size
US 5.5 JPN22.0 /US 4
US 6 JPN22.5 /US 4.5
US 6.5 JPN23.0 /US 5
US 7 JPN23.5 /US 5.5
US 7.5 JPN24.0 /US 6
US 8 JPN24.5 /US 6.5
US 8.5 JPN25.0 /US 7
US 9 JPN25.5 /US 7.5
US 9.5 JPN26.0 /US 8
US 10 JPN26.5 /US 8.5
US 10.5 JPN27.0 /US 9
US 11 JPN27.5 /US 9.5
US 11.5 JPN28.0 /US 10

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Loafers GTX_Black



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