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[nanamica Limited Collaboration - Chukka Boots_GORE-TEX]

"nanamica" mixes fashion and functionality at a high level, and proposes "standard wear with the times" with a neutral design that transcends genre, age, and gender.
The second collaboration model with nanamica is an original chukka boot based on the last of saddle shoes . Made with waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex fabric, manufactured in a domestic factory.

・The upper material is made of cowhide from Sanyo Leather, a domestic tanner.
- The material between the insole and midsole uses material from American insole manufacturer Ortholite, which provides high cushioning properties using the same material as the insole of running shoes.
- Equipped with a thick sponge inside the tongue for better foot contact.
-The outsole uses a Vibram sole that is lightweight, has excellent cushioning and durability.
- Made using the Goodyear welt method, the sole can be repaired.
- Comes with a reflective replacement string.

Upper: Cowhide Sole: Vibram sole Manufacturing method: Goodyear welt method Country of origin: Japan

*We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience.

Guide to choosing size

Based on the actual size of your foot (heel to toe length),

±0cm Perfect size feeling
+0.5cm A feeling of loose size

Please choose the size according to your preference based on the above information.

*The size may vary depending on the shape of your feet (wide or narrow, etc.) and the thickness of the socks, so please use this as a guide only.

*The recommended size is often about -1.0cm, which is the size of a sports sneaker.
(Example: Wearing sports brand sneakers 27.0cm → 26.0cm)
(Example: Wearing sports brand sneakers 24.0cm → 23.0cm)

nanamica Collaboraiton Chukka Boots GTX_Gray



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