Women's 3 Eyelet Moc Toe_Black


["Miyuki Arihara" limited collection]

Based on the REGAL archive model, it uses high-quality oil leather and a natural crepe sole with excellent cushioning, and is manufactured at a factory in Niigata.

The insole has a special design with the specially designed "Miyuki Arihara" logo and Shoe & Co. logo printed on it.

・Oil leather upper that feels soft ・Crepe sole that is comfortable to wear

・Waxed shoelaces are also used in dress shoes.

Upper: Cowhide (oil leather)
Sole: Natural crepe Manufacturing method: Goodyear welt method Country of origin: Japan

*We do not accept returns or exchanges due to customer convenience.

*Limited to one item per person.

Guide to choosing size

Based on the actual size of your foot (heel to toe length),

±0cm Perfect size feeling
+0.5cm A feeling of loose size

Please choose the size according to your preference based on the above information.

*For women whose actual size is 25.0cm or more, we recommend the men's size 24.0cm.
(Example: Actual size 25.2cm → Men's size 24.0cm is recommended)

* Regarding the size, it depends on the shape of your feet (wide, narrow, etc.)
Please use this as a guide only, as it may vary depending on the thickness of the socks, etc.

*Size is different from sports sneakers. Please take this opportunity to measure your foot length and, if possible, consider trying out leather shoes before purchasing.

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Women's 3 Eyelet Moc Toe_Black



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