REGAL × 1LDK collaboration shoes are now available in limited quantities

1LDK is a select shop from Meguro, Tokyo that proposes a new standard based on the concept of the extraordinary in the everyday. Our first collaboration shoes with REGAL will be available in limited quantities.

The U-tip, which is basic but never "ordinary", incorporates the world view of 1LDK, and is a pair of shoes with an exquisitely thick sole that covers both casual and formal styles.

It also has excellent technology, including Gore-Tex product technology that is breathable and waterproof, Vibram sole that is well-regarded for its flexibility, and Ortholite material that has high cushioning properties.

The shoe box has a special design with reuse in mind. The size overturns previous preconceived notions, and the specifications give a sense of the playfulness of a 1LDK.


Item Number: 689S 1LDK
Color: Black
Price: ¥49,500 (tax included)
Size: 24.0cm~26.5cm

March 16th (Sat) 11:00~ REGAL Shoe & Co. Store
Saturday, March 16th 11:00~ REGAL Shoe & Co. OFFICIAL
*Not applicable to REGAL MEMBERS service.
*Global shipping available (excluding some countries and regions)

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*1LDK Released on Saturday, March 9th


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