Release of the second collaboration between REGAL Shoe & Co. and CONVERSE ALL STAR COUPE

"ALL STAR COUPE" is a European-style all-star pair that uses dressy cupsole equipment.

The second collaboration with REGAL Shoe & Co. is a pair of leather sneakers made from high-quality oil nubuck made by an Italian tanner. The matte all-black coloring gives off a unique mood unlike any other sneaker to date.

The manufacturing method uses the Norwegian welt method used for mountain climbing shoes and military shoes. The high welt unique to this manufacturing method is likened to the rubber surrounding the shoe found in Converse shoes, making use of not only the functionality of the sturdy construction but also the design. In addition, the sole uses Vibram, which can be replaced, allowing for long-term use even after heavy wear.

The collaboration model is limited to 100 pairs and will be released from Friday, January 19, 2024.


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